Quality Policy

At Zesauro, we know that TRUST is the key to ensuring that any commercial relationship is solid and long-lasting. We want new clients who come to us to be impressed enough to keep coming.

That’s why, from the outset, our commitment to QUALITY has always been unyielding and growing. In 2008, we were awarded UNE EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and we are also fully compliant with and certified for the ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services Standard.


We want our clients and suppliers, both present and future, and anyone visiting our website, to know the fundamental pillars of our Quality Management System:



  • Our Quality Policy calls for a dynamic system under constant review, in keeping with the Ongoing Improvement Principle, to meet and surpass our clients’ needs and expectations.


  • Our Quality Management System identifies Risks that could potentially affect our processes, with a view to controlling and minimising them. But it also pinpoints Opportunities that may enable us to implement changes or improvements in the course of our daily work.


  • The entire Management System is based on processes to map out the company’s activity in accordance with client requirements. At the same time, the System must also verify the proper implementation of these processes, and this is achieved through a monitored Target Programme..


  • Zesauro’s In-House Staff are a linchpin of our quality policy. Improving the Working Environment is a constant priority for the company’s management. But our policy also involves exacting performance standards based on Commitment, a Pro-Active Approach, Constructive Criticism and Continuous Training.


  • Our External Partners are an essential part of our service. Our success hinges on their professionalism. We require our partners to be qualified as per the ISO 17100 Standard and we demand strict compliance with deadlines, but we also respect their work processes and value their experience, and, of course, we pay our vendors within the agreed periods.


  • The entire management system keeps a Documented Record of the content required by the Quality Standard, as well as those aspects which Zesauro considers helpful for optimising process management. Moreover, ours is a Properly Audited System aimed at addressing any deviations or deficiencies that threaten to undermine our goal of ongoing improvement.


  • Zesauro is compliant with applicable legislation at all times, and with all legal and regulatory provisions affecting our activity, as part of our general goal of meeting our clients’ requirements.
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