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We have a proven track record in specialist translations in a number of professional fields.

We work daily with all the main European languages, and periodically with the languages of Eastern European, Asian and Middle-Eastern countries. We also translate from and into Spain’s regional languages.

We guarantee the utmost quality in our translations, with special care in editing and revision.

And of course we guarantee total confidentiality, throughout the translation process and once the job has been completed.

The specialty expertise and professionalism of our team of translators and editors guarantee a perfect final product. Zesauro always works with native translators who are experts in various fields, and we lay particular emphasis on the quality assurance process (revision and edition), our most prized virtue.

A staff of translators and stylistic editors works daily, both in-house and externally, to ensure that our clients receive a polished final text.

Translation into Spanish: translation from any language into Spanish.

Translation from Spanish: translation from Spanish into any language.

Cross or mixed translation: translations from and into languages other than Spanish, for example, from English into French.

Simple translation: all translations not signed by a sworn translator.

Sworn translation: translations signed and stamped by a sworn (or certified) translator, approved by the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, certifying that the text has been translated in good faith and that to the best of their understanding it is a true representation of the original document.


Our interpreters have proven qualifications and the very best technical expertise. Whether it’s for a major event or a small informal meeting, we’ll handle the installation, layout of microphones and earphones, and collection of interpreting equipment.

All of our interpreters have more than 10 years of experience and belong to the leading industry associations: A.I.M. (Madrid Association of Interpreters), A.I.C.E. (Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters) or A.I.I.C. (International Association of Conference Interpreters), and other internationally-renowned associations. We take good care of your company’s image and relations.

Our radio and infra-red equipment for simultaneous interpreting is state-of-the art. Zesauro handles the installation of booths and deploys a technician, who will be present at all times to solve any issues that might arise.

Sworn interpreting: interpreting by a sworn interpreter certified by Spain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to appear in courts or other official institutions.


Consecutive interpreting: interpreting of speeches or press briefings in which translation is in only one direction. It is among the most challenging types of interpreting and requires vast experience, considerable concentration skills and the utmost professionalism.


Simultaneous interpreting: interpreting performed at congresses and conferences, using specially-equipped interpreting booths. Simultaneous interpreters work in pairs inside small, sound-proof booths where they listen to the speaker and interpret what he or she is saying simultaneously. It is exhausting work and requires extreme concentration. The audience hears the interpreting through wireless receivers.


Chuchotage: a form of whispered simultaneous interpreting.


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Revision & Proofreading

As the saying goes: four eyes see better than two.

In the translation industry, this is not merely a recommendation, it is a basic professional precept, indispensable for impeccable translation.

At Zesauro Traducciones, we meticulously cross-check the final translation against the original text so as to ensure that there are no omissions, misunderstandings, ambiguities, spelling mistakes, typos or grammatical errors.

During this quality assurance process we also verify that each client’s customised style and terminology has been implemented, so as to ensure quality, consistency and coherence in all texts.

And proof of our commitment to quality, we have been awarded standard ISO 17100 certification in translation services.


A text is a combination of well-chosen words placed in a specific order that results in a precise message. Regardless of the author, message or audience, the goal is usually to inform, describe, explain or convince. Naturally, its effectiveness will depend on the wording we choose.

At Zesauro, we pay attention to the finest detail to make sure that your message transcends borders, cultures and customs, so as to obtain the right register and reach the right audience.


Because the spoken word is ephemeral, Zesauro Traducciones will help you cement your ideas in a structured, edited text, so you can make the most of your speeches, conferences, statements or meetings.

We work with any recording format of video and audio, in any language.

You choose the words; Zesauro gives them structure.


A global economy means that businesses must cross borders and overcome language barriers if they are to grow.

Localisation is the ideal solution for adapting software, applications, corporate presentations, video or multimedia content and websites.

Nowadays, who does not use the Internet to offer their products and services? Your website is a window on the world, and at Zesauro we choose the right words to reach all those potential customers.

We can help you build a bridge between your company and the world


Public speaking still proves to be a big issue for many businesses, and it’s a whole other story when dealing with a foreign language. However, public speaking is a skill and that means it can be learned. Inthebag is our solution for achieving effective international communication and improving communication skills in a second language. It is a completely bespoke way of focusing on the use of language in different communication contexts.

Find out more about our English public speaking courses!

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